Your Valentine

The only holiday with more cards exchanged annually than Valentine’s Day is Christmas!  St. Valentines Day has roots in Christian and ancient Roman tradition.  One largely supported story suggests that Valentine, an imprisoned Saint in Roman times, fell in love with a young girl who visited him regularly at his cell. Before he died for helping others escape the Roman prisons, he wrote the young girl a love letter and signed it with “Your Valentine”. This is what we still sign our Valentine’s Day cards with today. Though imprisonment hasn’t been incorporated in the 21st Century holiday, we still use cards and even more has been added to the Valentine’s Day Tradition: fancy and decadent chocolates and beautiful cards, romantic candle light dinners and relaxing with your loved one. In other words, time to walk, shop and dine in Danforth Village.

The weather may be below freezing but a peaceful walk in Danforth Village is perfect for talking, strolling and enjoying the town. Start your stroll through Danforth Ave, and enjoy window-shopping through the various shops and stores. It’s the perfect exploration to have that will bring the two of you even closer.

As for shopping, make sure you stop by the Wine Rack for delicious samplings of various wines, and pick a smooth wine to unwind with your partner in the evening. Make sure to order some flowers from NaNa’s Florist to create a truly unique and eye appealing flower masterpiece. They offer same day delivery to ensure that your Valentine’s Day is perfect.  To top off this decadent and beautiful gift, stop by the local Target and pick up some beautifully wrapped chocolates. They come in all shapes and sizes, and in all flavors. Whether your significant other enjoys a good dark chocolate crunch or a creamy milk chocolate you’ll surely find something unforgettable.

As for the candle light dinner, Bistro Camino Dining is an experience your taste buds will not forget. Offering delicious and savory French and Italian food with a dash of oriental and western flavor, your significant other will love you for bringing them here! Since Valentines Day is on Saturday this year, you will be able to stay later and enjoy the company. Nothing says love like a plate of delicious pasta after all.

Many things have changed since the Roman times in regard to Valentines Day, hopefully you are not spending it getting executed and writing love letters to your significant other in a jail cell, but the celebrations through chocolate, shopping and pasta in Danforth Village will give you an unique experience you never forget.