Take the Box out of Boxing Day

Tis the season for eating, drinking and shopping. A big part of the holidays is reuniting with friends and family and reflecting on what is truly important.  While many enjoy the fruits of a day off, delicious food many are also preparing for another emotion filled day. Boxing day.

What many people don’t know about Boxing Day is that its origins remain relatively unknown. There are many different theories on the origins of Boxing Day and historians have not yet settled on a satisfactory answer. There are however a few possible roots.

In the early 10th century it is said by reference to the “Good King Wenceslas” Christmas carol that on Dec 26, Wenceslas the duke of Bohemia saw a poor man struggling with work. That is when he collected an abundant amount of food and wine and brought it to the man’s door. This explains the giving attitude that surrounds Boxing day. Furthermore, during Advent, the Anglican Church in England had boxes displayed for people to place their donations. The day after Christmas the money in the boxes would be distributed to all the poor within the village. Which helps to explain the word ‘box’ in Boxing Day.

The possibilities go on.  No matter what the origins are one thing for sure is that nowadays, boxing day means something for everyone.  It can mean spending more time with your family, relaxing or preparing your new years resolution. And it almost always means shopping!

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So this boxing day, don’t hide in a box, get out to the village,  enjoy some family time and get that shopping done!