St. Patrick’s Day in the Danforth Village

Traditionally when we as Canadians start planning for St.Patrick’s Day festivities we associate it with good old Canadian beer and Irish food, but in Danforth Village this doesn’t have to be the case. With such diverse ethnic restaurants and stores who cater to holidays and events such as St.Patrick’s Day, whether they’re Irish or not you will never run out of things to do. The most fun and of course the most Irish day of the year can be celebrated at a traditional Irish pub or very easily at an Indian restaurant; it’s entirely your choice! On the other hand, if you’re an authentic Irishman or woman and want to honour this day of great tradition you can do so the Irish way with the multitude of churches within Danforth Village!

St.Patrick’s Day takes planning, which is why you should head out for a day of shopping at Danforth Village to gather all of your festive party supplies. Dollar stores are a great place to start since they are currently flooded with little shamrock nail decals, green hats and even socks covered with dancing Leprechauns. You can stock up on party supplies with their green paper plates, cups and decorated table clothes for this special occasion. Once you’re done shopping there you can try department stores for the rest of the party decors. Be sure you don’t forget to check out the local bakeries and grocery stores to see what they’re offering for this annual celebration of all things Irish. No St.Patrick’s Day party is complete without a cake, cupcake or cookies with those unique Irish symbols that will be sure to put party guests in the mood. Go that extra mile and search for a cd of Irish music, which can be found in dollar stores, department stores, music stores and drug stores.

There are florists in Danforth Village where you’re sure to find Shamrocks, either green or purple. You’ll only find these beautiful flowers being sold at this time of the year. It’s the perfect gift for yourself or that special Irish person in your life. If you don’t have a green thumb, that’s not a problem. These brilliant flowers are resilient. However, if you want to find something unique and unlikely to find elsewhere, stop by NaNa Florist for their green roses that they’re offering special just for St.Patrick’s Day.

Now that you’re set to celebrate St.Patrick’s Day by either throwing a party at home or out and about you can decide what best suites your taste buds because as you know Danforth Village is in no shortage of ethnic restaurants. Remember, it doesn’t have to be Irish! You can very easily partake in Indian, Chinese, Jamaican, Greek, Italian, or French cuisine along with a green beer. You can add a slice or Irish to anything!

Since St.Patrick’s Day falls on a Monday this year it really offers every opportunity to celebrate it in all aspects at Danforth Village. Saturday would be the perfect time to take care of your shopping and to dine out! If you’re a church-goer then Sunday morning start off at your church of choice. Afterward grab a bite to eat while you’re in the area. The only difficulty you’ll have is pinning down exactly what you want for lunch or dinner because there’s just so much at your fingertips to choose from. If you have to work Monday or Tues morning then have an early dinner in Danforth Village so that you can say you found your pot of gold on St. Patrick’s Day in the exceptional part of our beautiful city right in Danforth Village, just don’t forget to wear green!