Mother’s Day in the Village

Danforth Village embraces such diverse culture, deep history and a multitude of current shops and restaurants that there is absolutely no better place to bring your mother for Mother’s Day! Regardless of what your mother loves to do, what her hobbies are or her favourite dishes, you’ll be sure to find it in Danforth Village. Whether you’re a mother/daughter duo or a mother/son duo, there’s so much for the both of you to enjoy together on Mother’s Day!

The first step is not to forget that special Mother’s Day card that you know she’ll store forever in a treasured keepsake. There are countless places to pick that one card that really speaks to you, such as drug stores, convenient stores, department stores or dollar stores in Danforth Village. While you’re there, check out all of the other Mother’s Day items they have available and give your mother that extra special surprise that will bring a smile to her face.

Danforth Village has nearly a dozen cafes, so if your mother is the kind of woman who enjoys a nice cup of coffee first thing in the morning or craves an afternoon tea then what a perfect opportunity for the two of you to sit down and catch up with each other while enjoying what a cozy café has to offer.

Mothers-Day2If you would like to give your mother a spa day, suggest a beautiful manicure/pedicure or treat her to a new Spring hairstyle while you do a little shopping, that is all at your fingertips at Danforth Village. There are a number of incredible places to choose from. Of course you can indulge yourself if you like as well. If you need your hair done or even your nails (whether you’re a man or a woman) your mother would enjoy having you there as well! Once that’s done, you can grab a bite to eat at any number of trendy restaurants. Does your mother have a strong passion for Greek, Thai, Jamaican, Chinese, Italian, Mexican, North American, Bangladesh, or Halal? Not a problem, because that’s all readily available to you in this popular area of our great city. Just be sure not to forget to compliment her on her new hairstyle or manicure, whatever it is that she had done!

No Mother’s Day is complete without a beautiful bouquet of flowers. You can stop by the florist or pre-order something that you know your mother will love.  What’s your mother’s favourite colour? What’s her favourite flower? What a brilliant way to end such a spectacular day of bonding!

Enjoying a full day with your mother exploring all that Danforth Village has to offer you both is the ideal Mother’s Day gift on its own. You will create so many memories that you’ll be able to laugh about for years to come! You might even be able to begin a ritual for upcoming Mother’s Day celebrations to come!  Danforth Village wants to wish all of you a Happy Mother’s Day and hope that you’ll take this amazing opportunity to really enjoy your special day together!