Exciting times ahead for Danforth Village

As the dawn of 2015 casts it light across Danforth Village, the New Year will bring forth into our area an array of great new initiatives by your Business Improvement Area (DVBIA) building upon a strong foundation that was set the previous year.

In January, the local Community Council of the City will approve members of the DVBIA Board from those put forward at the Annual General Meeting last October. This group, which will be comprised of local property / business owners will provide the leadership and direction for DVBIA and the 250 store front businesses and over 120 secondary businesses that comprise its membership. Through its Standing Committees, dedicated and involved Executive, volunteers and community partners, DVBIA will look this year to expand upon previous successes and to carry forward the dynamic atmosphere that reached new levels in 2014.

With the vast majority of the capital improvements completed and the remaining portion set to resume in April, Danforth Village will be enjoying the vibrant new streetscape which includes new sidewalks, curbs, easy entry street corners, stone pavers and the “greening“ of the area with trees and ground covering in the tree bays. The capital improvement efforts in Danforth Village earned the DVBIA the coveted City of Toronto sponsored TABIA Streetscape Award. All this has been tied together by the DVBIA project of the new pedestrian lights to illuminate our sidewalks and welcome our residents and visitors to Walk, Shop and Dine in our thriving local community.

The DVBIA held its very first public event in 2014, with over four hundred participants attending the “Main Event”, which featured family friendly entertainment, a live reptile show and a nighttime movie presentation. This year will see an expansion of that highly anticipated end of summer extravaganza! In addition the DVBIA will be planning special activities around themes and City events that will showcase the unique aspects of our area and the “hidden gems” that are located in our part of the Danforth. These types of events offer an opportunity for our residents and visitors to see up close what the DVBIA does in the community but even more so, the commitment that the local businesses have to our area and the engagement they take seriously in giving back.

Danforth Village as a community is attracting a great deal of interest for home buyers and those looking to open businesses or investing. With direct connection to the subways and Go Trains within walking distance, the most diverse shopping array found anywhere along the Danforth with Chain stores, “Big Box” stores, legacy businesses and small independents, there is no doubt that our community will continue to expand and grow in the years ahead.

As DVBIA has emerged as a leading BIA across Toronto, part of that recognition has rested with its social media success. Over the past twelve months, new milestones have been reached across its platforms of Facebook (DanforthVillageBia), Twitter (@DanforthVillage) and even on Pinterest (Danforth Village BIA). With follower contests, announcements, updates and focused information for those interested in Danforth Village, go on-line and follow along to see firsthand what all the excitement is about!

2015 promises to be an incredible year for Danforth Village and with the leadership of the DVBIA to continue to advance our local businesses and enhance the experience for our residents and visitors, it will be a great year!