DV Main Event

2014 is proving to be a dynamic year of activity in Danforth Village! DVBIA and our proud community partners now bring forward the next great thing – our first ever public event. It has been discussed through social media and the time is approaching for the MAIN EVENT!

jumanji199A new and exciting occasion taking place Saturday August, 23rd and it’s all happening in the Courtyard at Main Square – South East corner of Danforth Ave and Main St. It is over two hours of family entertainment followed by a “Movie Night “ with the classic  fantasy adventure film Jumanji, starring Robin Williams. There’s an abundance of fantastic and energizing activities and events leading up to Jumanji that you’ll want to capture every moment of. A wide variety of things to do for everyone in the family, regardless of age, this is going to be an action packed, fun-filled event!

The first act is at 6PM when children and let’s face it, even adults are going to love to get the opportunity to enjoy DJAY the clown for an interactive magic show. He’s been featured on Breakfast Television 3 times and is well-known for his balloon tricks and face painting. Children will be ecstatic to witness and partake in this well-known entertainer, DJAY!

At 6:30PM Reptilia will be on stage for a one hour interactive show displaying their magnificent creatures. This is a great learning opportunity for children and it’s a rare chance to meet these enchanting animals up close and personal with their equipped and skilled handlers.

If reptiles are not your thing, you don’t have to worry about not having something to do. You can head over for the 7:45 show starring the Great Baldini to see this captivating balloon artist in his element and his mystifying illusions. He has put on over 50 shows at Ontario’s Science Centre. Be sure to catch his performance and he will leave you in awe!

What you’ve all been waiting for, at 8:30 sharp the movie begins – Jumanji! This was a box office success and one of the top 10 highest grossing movies when released. Robin Williams makes any movie interesting from beginning to end and Kristen Dunst is always fascinating to watch on screen, especially a big screen like you’ll be able to see at Main Square in Danforth Village.

Danforth Village is unique in so many ways with its flourishing stores, restaurants and a magnitude of other businesses, so it’s truly exciting to be able to offer this family fun event. Be sure to mark it in your calendars and invite all of your family and friends so they don’t miss this thrilling event. You won’t want to miss this.