Deck the Halls with help from the Danforth Village

As I write this article snow is falling and the holiday season is near. It is one of the most joyous times of the year but it is easy to get overwhelmed by the shopping and preparations. To help you plan and stay organized with the hustle and bustle of the holidays we have prepared an easy to follow 3-step guide and suggestions on where to purchase unique gifts for those special people in your life.

 3-step Holiday Preparation Guide

 #1:  Outdoor Lights – Visit Canadian Tire located at 2624 Danforth Avenue for all your outdoor lighting needs, you will find a large selection of colours and styles.

 The holidays would not be complete without all the decorations we see outside. A common family activity is to drive or walk around neighbourhoods at night to admire holiday displays. Have you ever caught yourself starring at a magnificent display of lights this time of year? The outdoor lights and embellishments can be quite mesmerizing. In the 1960s it became increasingly popular to outline houses particularly around the eaves troughs with weatherproof lights. It has now become a tradition to decorate lampposts, park trees, office buildings, department stores and our homes.

 #2:  The TreeVisit Canadian Tire and check out their tree lot for a 4-7 ft. tall Canadian pine tree or browse in-store at their selection of artificial trees.

 Although the tree is usually placed in the corner it will certainly become the centerpiece of your home. Wrapped presents will be displayed underneath and family and friends will gather around it to exchange gifts.

To help you select the perfect tree for your needs here are some pros and cons of a real tree compared to an artificial one. An artificial tree is more cost effective over the years and requires storage space compared to a natural tree might prove difficult to transport and dispose of. The choice is yours.

#3:  Tree DécorVisit Target in Shoppers World where you can find a large assortment of decorating collections with mix and match styles.

 Once the tree is up it is time to decorate it. Many people choose a theme such as snowmen, angels, candy canes or they just keep to a colour palette. Here are some suggestions on basics steps when decorating and the order of what works best to put on the tree first.

Start with indoor lights which typically come on a green or white wire strand and we suggest you choose the colour that blends with your tree so this wire will not be seen after your tree is decorated. The key to putting the lights on your tree is to work from the top, down and on the branches moving from the trunk to the tip and back.

Next you may want to add garland. To hang garland, start at the back of the tree at the bottom row of branches. To avoid making your tree look bulky and busy, use a variety of garlands from plan to fancy with different widths. Drape the thicker garland around the bottom of the tree and loosely wrap it around the entire tree adding thinner ones as you work your way up to the tip.

The next step is to hang the tree ornaments. First hang your favourites in prime locations on the tree. And then put up the largest ones and disperse them evenly on the tree for a balanced look. The remaining spots can be filled in with the medium and small sized ornaments. You can finish off the look of your tree with some silver icicles if you want extra shine.

Finally, the tree would not be complete without a tree topper. Traditionally toppers have been a star or an angel but nowadays you can purchase toppers such as a snowflake, Santa or a tinsel bow.

 There you have it, a 3-step easy preparation guide for the holidays.

Suggestions on where to purchase unique gifts

Now that you have everything you need to decorate your home here are some suggestions of where to buy gifts for those special people in your life.

Visit Edward and Davies a family owned fine jewellers offering a large selection of one of a kind jewellery. Purchase a gift card for a day of relaxation from Sheen Day Spa or visit EB Games a premiere destination for all your video games and gaming products.

The best place for stocking stuffers is the Danforth Village dollar stores, B & M Dollar Store, Dollar Depot Plus and Dollarama.

We hope these suggestions will help make your holiday shopping easier. We know that the Danforth Village is the best place to walk, shop and dine.

From all of us in The Danforth Village BIA we wish you and your family a Happy Holiday!